About Me


Eye Rise is the artist name for Colorado native Isaac Haley. Rise is an acronym for Isaac and his siblings: Rebekah, Isaac, Seth, Ethan. Isaac studied creative media at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. During his time there he went through, some would call, an awakening, others would call, psychosis. Either way Isaac has experienced unexplainable spiritual and psychotic events in his life.

He has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is currently trying to portray his visions and symptoms through his art. He uses his art as a method to integrate and learn from his experiences.

One of his experiences shown in the painting called "Integration" was his first episode of psychosis, or a shamanic initiation you could say. It occurred in 2016. It was at a music festival called "Lightening in a Bottle." Isaac had an out of body experience that lasted through most of the night. He recalls flying past the moon, going through the solar system, running through the darkness, being microscopic, flying like a bird, realizing unity consciousness, and becoming the dawn. He thought he had died and was in a new reality, but he woke up in the harm reduction area called the Zendo. Since this event he has been in recovery trying to make sense of it and keep it from happening again. He sees a psychotherapist, takes medication, and practices grounding techniques to achieve this.

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